Meet Stephen

Stephen E. Barber, AAMS®

Vice President

Phone: 805-436-6963

Fax: 818-436-6804


Professional Details

  • 15 years investment experience
  • College for Financial Planning – AAMS® Certified.
  • Affiliated with Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network 2017
  • Formerly Financial Advisor, Vice President with Stifel Nicolaus
  • Formerly Financial Advisor with A.G. Edwards & Sons., Inc.
  • USMC – 1st Marine Division – Honorably Discharged after four year term
  • Series 7, 63, 31 registrations, Variable Annuity and Life Insurance licensed (#OK75345)

My fascination with the financial industry has regulated a 'passionate' side to my thinking, dating as far back as high school - possibly even before, I truly can't say. All I know for certain is it's always been inside of me, peering into my childhood like the day I learned how to 'barter,' using a wagon to transport my business and a neighborhood that I lived in as my first 'exchange.' Remembering it like yesterday, I'll never forget the tangible return I had made - selling the tomatoes I had picked from our garden - I had earned fifty-cents for each bag that I'd sold. Not knowing then the specific path I'd have to blaze to become a success - I started out with a different course, one defined by service and at the age of seventeen, one that also required my Father's consent. Directly following my senior-year, I celebrated my eighteenth birthday in boot camp as I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, joining the armed forces like every man in my family had done generations before.

I viewed my enlistment differently than just a 'rite of passage' - to me it was a means to earn money for college and the opportunity to travel the world before I’d turn thirty. The irony of what I would find to be my ‘reality’ would change more than who I was as a person; it would allow me to grow as a man, planting a true definition for ‘fulfillment with the tools necessary to train my way through it. By the age of twenty-one – honorably discharged – I re-entered the “civilian-life” and made yet another commitment to myself: I would thrust myself into this industry and would never look back. During my first two years I worked part-time for the most successful Financial Advisor I'd ever known: my Father. From his 30+ years of industry experience, the many valuable lessons I learned to imitate would catapult my future beyond anything I ever imagined. In 2004, I finally had breached my way through, becoming a licensed advisor at A.G. Edwards & Sons. Three years later - in 2007 - my father and I merged our individual businesses and formed a ‘father-son partnership’ that would endure for another eight years.

In January 2008 my Father and I helped establish what was to become the third office of Stifel Nicolaus in California and it’s where we planted our business for the remaining six years of his career until his retirement in 2014. Years back – as a young and naïve Marine – one of the most (painfully) learned experiences I’d have was deciding one day to ‘judge a book by its cover’ and proceed to what I’d judged to be a ‘sure-thing.’ To my dismay, and the overwhelmingly (swelling) surprise as a result - I’d refine my thinking forever that day, knowing: “it’s the ‘fight’ in the dog” that matters and was introduced to a world with added humility. Twenty years later - one of the worst bear markets this nation had ever seen – it was violent and dark on the industry and its investors, but not before those who endured would get something great because of it. Clients today require a level of service that keeps up with the industry’s evolution and developments. They want access to more and more opportunities through technology – we know this, it’s proven every day. What we also know but never repeat out loud: investors are less and less willing to pay for it and we know that this will only continue. I chose to accept this reality and asked myself: “…then, as their Financial Advisor, why shouldn’t I demand the same?” In July of 2017 – the answer I gave to that question led me to Westlake Private Wealth Management. The value added to the respect I have for my clients and myself has infused everything that we all expect. I’m honored to “complete their practice” and the legacy of my clients are now positioned to receive and collect exactly what the industry is attempting to package and deliver.

I’m a Father of life’s three greatest dividends and a Husband to the most loving woman I’ll ever know...I too have a legacy to plan for and the reasons that supply my devotion to its success are no-less/no-more important than yours – regardless of each’s complexity or scale. This is what I believe and practice. The rewards I receive from my clients are the same fuel that pulled me into this industry long ago, and it’s the same passion I have when you award me with your legacy’s fight! It’s in that challenge that fulfills my purpose in this industry, but it’s not what sets me apart from the rest… The clarity you have in knowing you’re a “successful investor” today! As your Financial Advisor - the value that I place on you, as a person, is the most prosperous model for victory that your legacy will ever need!